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Industrial Floor

Jul. 27, 2020

Suitable Specification: 0.75*60,0.9*60,1.0*50.

L/D Ratio: 50-80

Dosage: 20-25kg/m³

Steel fiber concrete refers to the concrete mixed with steel fiber quantitatively in the process of concrete mixing according to certain design requirements.

The steel fiber is distributed in three-dimensional multi-direction in concrete, which improves the original mechanical properties of concrete, so as to obtain better toughness, high flexural tensile and shear strength, and has the characteristics of earthquake resistance, crack resistance and penetration resistance, so that the original brittle concrete material becomes a ductile material.

The application of steel fiber reinforced concrete floor in industrial workshop has significantly improved the crack resistance and impact resistance of the floor, at the same time, it has improved the wear resistance and durability, and meets the needs of ordinary industry for the ground. Through adequate preparation, reasonable construction organization and process arrangement, the construction quality can fully meet the requirements of the specification. Compared with the reinforced ground, it saves a lot of steel, has remarkable economic effect, simple working procedure, convenient construction, and can greatly shorten the construction period and reduce the maintenance cost. fully meet the requirements of better, more provincial, faster and environmental protection in modern engineering construction.

Application of Steel Fiber in Industrial Floor

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