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Tunnel Segment

Jul. 27, 2020

Suitable Specification: 0.75*60, 0.9*60,1.0*50

L/D Ratio:50-80


Compared with the traditional reinforced concrete segment, the application of steel fiber reinforced concrete segment in tunnel has technical and economic advantages.

In technology: the use of high performance steel fiber reinforced concrete prefabricated segment, can avoid the application of traditional steel bar peeling problems. Compared with steel bar, steel fiber has better resistance to spalling due to its uniform distribution and good durability. The steel fiber is randomly distributed in concrete, so it can provide good reinforcement ability, and its distribution can reach the concrete surface, thus ensuring the reinforcement of the segment surface and avoiding the reinforcement zone. Another major advantage on steel fiber blended wheat is its good durability. unlike reinforced concrete, steel fiber mixed slab soil does not support traditional electrochemical corrosion units. due to its discontinuity and dispersion, the diffusion mechanism of corrosion activities is eliminated. In addition, because the corroded steel fiber pile is not enough to split the concrete, the damage of edges, grouting holes and bolt holes (connecting pin holes) edges can be completely avoided with the increase of the volume on the coagulation.

In economy: The production cost of steel fiber reinforced concrete prefabricated segment is superior to that of steel bar inspection. Although the cost of steel bar is lower than that of steel fiber, the use of steel fiber saves the cost of making, hoisting and storing steel cage. The application of steel fiber saves the time needed for the steel cage to enter the die, improves the early strength of the segment, and adds the application of automatic batching equipment,

It can be said that the application of high performance steel fiber reinforced concrete (HPC) in tunnel lining is very suitable for tunnel village building. Its application not only means the introduction of a new material in tunnel lining segment prefabrication, but more importantly, it will greatly change the production technology of traditional reinforced concrete segment, which will bring good economic and social benefits.

We can firmly believe that high-performance steel fiber coated soil pipe sheet will have a broader application prospects.

Application of Steel Fiber in Tunnel Segment

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