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What is the Construction Process of Steel Fiber in Bridge Deck Paving?

Jan. 11, 2021

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The steel fiber mixed with steel fiber concrete is divided into melting and drawing type, drawing cutting type, shearing type and cutting type due to different processing and production methods. According to its length, it can be divided into various specifications. The preferred aspect ratio is 40-70, the cross-sectional diameter is in the range of 0.4-0.7mm, and the tensile strength is not less than 380MPa. During construction, the mixing amount of steel fiber in concrete is 1.0% to 2.0% (volume ratio), and the larger mixing amount should not exceed 2.0%. The cement uses 32.5-42.5 ordinary Portland cement. The coarse aggregate used for steel fiber concrete has a larger particle size of 2/3 of the length of the steel fiber, which should not be greater than 20mm. The fine aggregate adopts medium-coarse sand, with an average particle size of 0.35~0.45mm. The sand ratio is higher than that of ordinary concrete, which can be 45%~50%.

High Tenacity Steel Fiber

High Tenacity Steel Fiber

Mix design

The design of steel fiber concrete mix ratio should meet the design requirements of compressive strength, flexural strength and uniformity and workability of construction requirements. The main factors affecting the mix ratio are the volume ratio of steel fiber, sand ratio and water-cement ratio. According to the requirements of technical specifications and the principle of economy and reasonableness, after trial and comparison tests, the mix ratio of C40 steel fiber paving on this bridge deck is: m (cement): m (sand): m (gravel): m (water) = 1:2.05:2.43:0.45, the amount of concrete cement is 420kg/m3, the volume rate of steel fiber is 1.0%, that is, 78kg of steel fiber is added to each cubic meter of concrete.

Construction technology

Grassroots treatment

Before pouring the steel fiber concrete, the original pavement is firstly removed by manual and pneumatic rock drill, and the bridge deck is thoroughly cleaned with an air compressor and washed with water. Because the bridge is a two-way cross slope, the construction is divided into two sections with the middle axis of the bridge deck as the boundary; and because there is no original design vertical section elevation, the construction elevation is controlled by the average thickness, and the ink line is stretched on the bridge deck and both sidewalks to mark.

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