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What are the Controlling Factors to Enhance the Effect of Steel Fiber?

Nov. 30, 2020

As a Fibre Reinforced Concrete Manufacturer, share with you.

According to various theories of steel fiber reinforcement mechanism, such as fiber spacing theory, composite material theory and micro-fracture theory, we can determine that the effect of steel fiber enhancement mainly depends on the strength of the matrix (fm) and the aspect ratio of the fiber (Xi'an Gree Air Conditioning Repair The ratio of the length l of the steel fiber to the diameter d, that is, I/d), the volume ratio of the fiber (the volume percentage of the steel fiber in the steel fiber concrete), the bond strength between the fiber and the matrix (τ), and the steel The influence of fiber distribution and orientation (η) in the matrix. When the steel fiber concrete is damaged, most of the fibers are pulled out rather than broken. Therefore, improving the bond strength between the fiber and the matrix is one of the main controlling factors to improve the effect of steel fiber.

High Tenacity Steel Fiber

High Tenacity Steel Fiber

Construction Techniques of Steel Fiber Concrete Floor

Steel fiber concrete floor panel joint

1. For the construction of a large-area steel fiber concrete floor, the spacing of the grid joints can be appropriately increased, up to 12m, which is much higher than that of ordinary concrete floors.

2. When the concrete floor is divided into grid joints, the side of the concrete shall be cut neatly with a cutting machine for the joints of the first construction slabs to ensure that the joint material of the divided grids is close to the concrete surface, thereby ensuring that the grid joints are straight.

Steel fiber concrete floor plastering

When the steel fiber concrete floor is wiped, Xi'an Mei’s air conditioning maintenance, whether it is mechanically or manually wiped, must treat a small amount of exposed steel fibers, otherwise it will affect the appearance and use of the floor. Usually the surface is within 1cm of the level The steel fiber is removed, and the vertical steel fiber bends its end into the concrete.

How to put and mix steel fiber has become a problem that people have been confused about. In fact, it is very simple. Today, I will take you into the knowledge book of steel fiber.

The following points need to be noted. In order to ensure the quality of steel fiber silicon, various materials must be accurately measured, and all materials are calculated by weight. For steel fiber weighing tolerance is 2%o. The loading capacity of the steel fiber mixer truck should be controlled at 85% of the truck capacity. When feeding, it is advisable to put the aggregate and steel fiber into the mixer according to the construction ratio, and force the mixing for 2 to 3 minutes, so that the steel fiber and the aggregate are fully mixed, and then add water to mix for 3 to 5 minutes, and check whether the steel fiber is evenly mixed. If the steel fibers are stuck together, stirring should be continued until the steel fibers are completely dispersed into single fibers. It is better to use a horizontal biaxial forced mixer for mixing steel fiber silicon. When the fiber-silicon mixing tanker is transported to the construction site, it should be used after speeding up the rotation for 2-3 minutes, and check for clumping.

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