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What is the Role of Steel Fiber in the Cement Matrix?

May. 25, 2021

As a Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Supplier, share it with you.

High Tenacity Steel Fiber

High Tenacity Steel Fiber

Steel fiber concrete is an important way to improve the quality of high-performance concrete. Fiber concrete is usually a cement-based composite material composed of cement paste, mortar or concrete as the base material and discontinuous short fibers or continuous long fibers as reinforcement materials. The main function is to limit the development of onlookers through bridging. , Thereby improving the performance of concrete. The role of fiber in the cement matrix:

1. Impact resistance. Improve the ability of the cement matrix to withstand deformation, thereby improving its toughness and impact resistance;

2. Crack resistance. Prevent the expansion of original defects (microcracks) in the cement matrix and effectively delay the appearance of new cracks;

3. Tension resistance. Under the premise of using high elastic modulus fibers, it can improve the tensile strength of the matrix;

4. Durable. Improve the frost resistance and fatigue resistance of the cement matrix, and increase its durability;

5. Anti-seepage. Improve the compactness of the cement matrix by preventing cracking and prevent the intrusion of external moisture;

6. Beautiful. Improve the appearance of cement structures to make them more dense, smooth, smooth and beautiful.

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