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  • Electro-Galvanized Wire

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Electro-Galvanized Wire

Elector-Galvanized Wire

Elector-Galvanized wire is made of high quality low carbon steel wire rod (Q195, Q235). It is processed by drawing molding, pickling rust removal, high temperature annealing, galvanizing, cooling and so on. Galvanized wire is divided into hot galvanized wire and cold galvanized wire (galvanized wire).

Specification (mm)

ProductsDiameter(mm)Zinc ThicknessTSTypePackage
Elector-Galvanized Wire1.6-7.020-25g/m2390-380MpaElector-Galvanized100-600kg/roll


Galvanized iron wire has good toughness and elasticity, with a zinc thickness of 25-30 g / m2. It has the characteristics of firm galvanized layer, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and rust resistance.


The weight of each roll is from 100 kg to 600 kg, there are inner plastic and outer plastic and outer woven bag. Of course, the packaging can be customized according to your requirements. 


Elector-Galvanized Wires are widely used in environmental protection, construction, handicrafts, wire mesh, highway fence, product packaging and daily civil and other fields.

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