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  • Loose Hooked End Steel Fiber

  • Loose Hooked End Steel Fiber

  • Loose Hooked End Steel Fiber

Loose Hooked End Steel Fiber

Loose Hooked End Steel Fiber

The cold-drawn hooked end steel fibers is made of high-quality base steel and has excellent mechanical properties, including providing temperature and shrinkage crack control for concrete, enhanced bending steel bars, improved shear strength and increased concrete crack resistance. Therefore, the average tensile strength of the reinforcing fiber exceeds 1100 MPa. Due to the high fiber strength and uniform distribution, the stress can be fully dispersed, and the crack growth can be effectively controlled.

Features & Process

Features and advantages of Hooked End Steel Fibers

Improve the impact resistance, fracture resistance and abrasion resistance of concrete

Reduce segregation, plastic settlement and shrinkage cracking of concrete

Improve overall durability, fatigue resistance and bending toughness by up to 3 times

Compared with wire mesh, it reduces local cost in terms of temperature/shrinkage crack control

Can be easily added to the concrete mixture at any time before pouring

Manufacturing Process of Steel Fiber:

1. Wire Drawing and Bobbin

2. Braiding and Gluing Line

3. Cutting

4. Packaging


Hooked End Steel Fibers concrete and its application

In recent years, Hooked End Steel Fibers concrete has gradually developed from an unproven new material to a material that has now been recognized in many engineering applications. Recently, the use of Hooked End Steel Fiber concrete to replace steel bars has become more and more frequent. The applications of Hooked End Steel Fiber concrete are diverse and extensive, so it is difficult to categorize them. The most common applications are tunnel lining, floor slabs and airport sidewalks.

Specifications & Functions

Loss Hooked End Steel fiber Specification

ProductsDiameter(mm)Length(mm)L/D RatioTSTypePackage
GYL-60/300.50mm30mm601000-1200MpaLoose20kg/Bag, 1.2T/Bulk Bag
GYL-55/300.55mm30mm551000-1200MpaLoose20kg/Bag, 1.2T/Bulk Bag
GYL-70/350.50mm35mm701000-1200MpaLoose20kg/Bag, 1.2T/Bulk Bag
GYL-64/350.55mm35mm641000-1200MpaLoose20kg/Bag, 1.2T/Bulk Bag
GYL-67/500.75mm50mm671000-1200MpaLoose10kg/Bag, 1.2T/Bulk Bag
GYL-80/600.75mm60mm801000-1200MpaLoose10kg/Bag, 1.2T/Bulk Bag
GYL-56/500.90mm50mm561000-1200MpaLoose10kg/Bag, 1.2T/Bulk Bag
GYL-67/600.90mm60mm671000-1200MpaLoose10kg/Bag, 1.2T/Bulk Bag
GYL-50/501.00mm50mm501000-1200MpaLoose10kg/Bag, 1.2T/Bulk Bag

How do steel fibers work in concrete

These disorderly distributed steel fibers can effectively prevent the expansion of micro cracks and the formation of macro cracks in concrete, significantly improve the tensile, bending, impact and fatigue resistance of concrete, and make the concrete have better ductility. At the same time, there are special anchor ends at both ends of the steel fiber, which can enhance the grip with the concrete. When the concrete is deformed, the anchor end can effectively transmit and distribute the stress, so that the cracks can be resolved into micro scattered micro cracks.


What are the benefits of Hooked End Steel Fibers for you?

Significantly improve the initial crack strength;

Continuously provide strength after cracking;

Increase construction speed;

Stronger joints reduce the possibility of maintenance.

Save money and time.

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